Deadline to order the Spring Goodie Bag approaching.

If you have not already done so, it is time to get in your order for the last Goodie Bag for 2018-2019. Wow – another academic year at Texas A&M almost complete! We will be giving out the final goodie bag to our Aggies on Friday, April 26. NOTE: The deadline to order the Spring Goodie Bag to guarantee your student will receive one is Friday, March 22, 2019.

If you would like to order the Spring Goodie Bag, there are two important steps:

1)    Complete the order form

2)    Make payment.

You can handle these TWO important steps in the ways noted below.

– Place your order and pay at the meeting in March on Thursday evening, March 7. The order form can be obtained as follows: attached to this email, forms available at the meeting, or download and print it from our website. Cost for the Goodie Bag is $30.

– Go to our website ( and pay for the Goodie bag via PayPal ($2 service fee added to the price) AND send the completed order form to so we have the correct distribution information. Select the Spring 2019 link and you will be taken to your PayPal cart and you will see both Goodie bag there.

– Mail/drop off payment to our Treasurer (address is noted on the order form) AND send the completed order form to so we have the correct distribution information.

Reminder – the deadline to guarantee a Spring Goodie Bag for your student is Friday, March 22, 2019.

NOTE: We make every effort to get the goodie bag to your student. We send multiple texts leading up to the delivery day – please let your student know to watch for them. All goodie bags not picked up will be given away at the conclusion of the distribution. If you or your student know they cannot make the delivery pickup window, there are some options for them. They can send a roommate or friend to pick it up or you/they can contact us IN ADVANCE so we can leave their goodie bag here and you can make arrangements to get it from us.

We are excited to go to Aggieland again in April and give out Goodie Bags and see our students. We will have a sign-up at the meeting in March and April meetings if you would like to go and help with the delivery on April 26, 2019. We will again bring along some fresh baked goodies for the students to choose from as they pick up their goodie bag – we have learned they really like that!

Looking forward to another fun day with our A&M students!

MCAMC Goodie Bag Team

Bridget, Joan and Connie


March Meeting

We’re all EXCITED about Bunco Night!

This will be a fun evening of socializing, playing games and connecting with other Aggie Moms – Whoop!

This meeting marks the deadline t order club T-Shirts. There are multiple styles of shirts available to order – Pick the one(s) you like and show your Aggie Mom Pride!  —– There are 3 ways to order your club T-Shirt.  (1) You can place your order at the meeting OR on (2) online on our website in the Club T-Shirt Post using the link, as well as (3) on our Facebook post announcing the T-shirts using that link.

Looking forward to seeing you there!